Six-year-old goes missing

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The National, Friday July 5th, 2013

 A BOY aged six went missing at the Vision City shopping mall yesterday afternoon.

Sylvester Goma, from Central, was last seen on CCTV footage looking for his family. He was dressed in a white and dark blue striped T-shirt, dark blue shorts, white socks and white sandshoes with Ben 10 images on it.

Mother, Florence Goma, said he had been stopped by security guards after they noticed him going in and out of the mall about four times.

While the guards where questioning him on his behaviour, a young man, believed to be from Central, walked up and said: “Hey, em liklik brata blong me. Mi wok long painim em long olgeta hap (Hey, that’s my small brother. I have been looking everywhere for him).”

The young man then took hold of the boy and led him out of the store. 

However, this was not captured on the CCTV footage.

Goma said they had separated in the supermarket, when she and her husband were at separate ends of the frozen meat section and the boy near the dairy products.

When they realised Sylvester was missing, the family immediately alerted the security, and was told by the two guards of what had transpired between them and the boy.

The family has since reported the matter to the Gordon police station and any information about Sylvester can be passed on to police there.