Slight change in shipping schedules



LUTHERAN Shipping has made slight adjustments to the schedules for its passenger vessels mv Rita and Momase Express starting this week to include the national synod’s travel arrangements.
Lutheran Shipping Lae manager, Tonessi Ewebi, said: “The schedules for the two vessels remain the same, however, because of the synod’s timing, we had to include its schedule into the ships’ schedules resulting in only slight changes.”
“This is so the public is not at a disadvantage,” he added.
According to Mr Ewebi, the two passenger vessels will follow their usual routes, but upon return to Lae, will pick-up the synod delegates.
“The mv Rita has extended its services to Kavieng because of the synod so it will leave Lae today, for its usual run but it will pick up delegates from Kavieng, Rabaul and Kimbe along with other passengers,” he said.
As for the Momase Express, there is a slight change to its schedule.
“Instead of its usual schedule from Madang to Lae it will
also travel to Wasu and Siassi to pick up delegates from there before coming to Lae along
with other passengers,”  Mr Ewebi said.
He said because mv Rita had extended its services to Kavieng, Momase Express “had to do the same so that it did not affect their services in any way”.
However, he stressed that the travelling public “need not to worry” as the vessels will carry on its normal schedules.
Lutheran Shipping’s cargo vessel Zibang, will also assist in the transportation of food stuff by travelling from Madang to Lae along the cost of Finschhafen to pick up food as well.
Mv Rita left Lae yesterday morning to collect
food stuff along the Morobe
coast which includes Lababia, Salamaua and Bukawa for the synod.