Slow work causing major congestion

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday February 3rd, 2014

 I  AM very concerned about the major traffic jam from 9-Mile outside Port Moresby to Erima. 

The road upgrading has been going on since mid-2013. 

They started from 9-Mile to 8-Mile junction, but before completing, they  moved  down to renew the 8-Mile roundabout.

Without completing that, they moved up again, working along the 7-Mile bridge and now have reached Erima. 

This has left vehicles with only one side of the lane, which causes a jam. 

It frustrating for people travelling to work, school or for other businesses. 

In the last few days, it took  us  almost two hours to reach Godans by PMV.

Many people have ended up walking to the nearest bus stop and as a result, not  many  buses are coming up to 9-Mile and the few PMVs that do are now collecting K2-3 fares, which is unusual. 

I appeal to the company working to upgrade the road quickly to ease the congestion. 

Concerned resident

Port Moresby