A small deed goes a long way, thank you Chief Sgt

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THE police officer who braved the rain to direct traffic during the rush hour at the busy Waigani intersection on Monday morning, has been officially acknowledged for what he did.
In a small ceremony yesterday, Australian Federal Police mission commander in PNG Bruce Charles presented Chief Sergeant Purai Poiou with a raincoat, an umbrella and two “visibility” vests.
Poiou had noticed in the cold, rainy morning that the traffic lights at the busy Waigani intersection were not working and there was a traffic jam.
He walked into the middle of the road – without any raincoat or protective vest – and managed to get traffic flowing again.
Charles said that he was very impressed with Poiou’s story published in The National on Tuesday.
“We are giving Chief Sergeant Purai Poiou a raincoat, an umbrella and two visibility vests to support him in his efforts in ensuring public safety,” he said.
“A very great initiative and leadership shown and we hope that Poiou’s story will help to encourage young officers to be dedicated in their work as well.”
AFP Acting Superintendent Rees Folpp said it was pleasing to see that even though the traffic lights were far from the Gordon Barracks office where Poiou was based, he still saw the need to take action.
“This is what the police partnership is all about. It’s about supporting each other to bring about the best. But even without support, he was there carrying out his duties.”
NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Pero N’Dranou commended the officer for what he did.
“I would also like to thank the media for a positive story. The media always write about police brutality so I am very happy with this positive story,” he said.
“I encourage all policemen and women out there to see Poiou’s story as an encouragement and keep doing your job diligently.”
Poiou thanked the AFP and N’Dranou for the gifts saying it made him feel more determined to carry out his job.