Small-to-medium enterprise training good for local economy, says Saonu


Morobe Governor Ginson Saonu says participation of over 80 people in a week-long small-to-medium enterprises training at Situm in Labuta LLG, Nawaeb, is good for the local economy.
He said this on Monday when addressing them after completion of their training.
Saonu told the participants that with the training and knowledge received, “you have the potential to move forward in doing small businesses in your respective communities”.
“The power to create something useful in the community and bring about change is in you now,” he said.
“The mindset that you have been shaped with will set a brighter future, not only for you but your family, community and the province as a whole.”
Saonu said the Morobe government was committed to develop small businesses to help the local people.
He said the training supported mind transformation, making money and discouraging the free handout mentality.
“It will help you to know how to make money, use it and save for future,” Saonu said.
Director of Morobe Empowerment Youth Organisation (Meyo), Hendry Dinding, said almost 1700 people had been educated to be self-reliant since 2012.
He said the training would cover the whole of Morobe to teach rural people about small businesses.
Labuta local level government president Tups Waho said his five-year plan covered the SME sector and the training was timely.
He said Labuta needed to develop in this aspect.
Training facilitator Clinton Duang encouraged participants to live their dreams and be agents for change in the community.