Smoked fish vendors to have ID cards: Official


VENDORS selling smoked fish (salt fish) at four markets under the East New Britain market authority (ENBMA) will be issued with identification (ID) cards.
This was revealed by ENBMA senior market supervisor Patrick Kilang.
He said the four markets under the ENBMA were the Kokopo main market, Rabaul Page, Kerevat and Palmalmal.
Kilang said the cards would be issued to the vendors by the provincial health authority (PHA).
He said the identification cards would help the market authority to identify the vendors if there were any issues regarding their sale so they could deal with them accordingly.
Kilang said the ID cards were issued to those vendors, particularly mothers at Malaguna and Matupit wards in Rabaul who attended training and awareness programme conducted by PHA recently.
He said training and awareness eventuated after suspected food poisoning from smoked fish in April and the ban was imposed to allow time to the authorities to investigate the cause of the incident.
“The ban on selling smoked fish (salt fish) is still in place and is likely to be uplifted next month (July),” he said.

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