Smuggler cops face fire

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The National, Wednesday February 12th, 2014


A COUPLE of police officers will face the same consequences as the public for smuggling betel nuts into the city, National Capital District Met Supt, Andy Bawa said. 

Bawa made the statement following the implication of some police officers caught smuggling betel nuts into the city using police vehicles.

“Police officers are not above the law and whatever the charges against the public who were caught smuggling betel nuts will be faced by those officers,” Bawa said.

Police should be policing the betel nut ban in the city, sadly they are the ones breaking the law.”

Bawa is discouraging members of the force from using police vehicles for smuggling and is encouraging the public to take note of police vehicle registration numbers and to take photographs of them.

“If you see them smuggling betel nuts into the city, just report to the station so appropriate action can be taken against them,” Bawa said.

He said it was “very frustrating and annoying” when police officers who were supposed to be enforcing the ban were breaking it.

“Those officers who have been implicated will be arrested and charged.”

A police officer reportedly under the influence of alcohol is under investigation for chasing a member of the public in front of the Gerehu Police Station. 

He allegedly assaulted an officer on duty,  Bawa said.