Snakeman upset over selection

Lae News, Normal

THE famous Morobean “snakeman”, Saku Pathrom, from Buingim village, Labutta LLG, is upset that he has lost a chance to hit the big time.
Mr Pathrom was among 17 actors from Morobe who were shortlisted to be auditioned for a film titled Jungle Child to be shot in the Philippines.
Auditions for the roles were conducted last month at the Raun Raun Theatre in Goroka, Eastern Highlands province.
He said yesterday that the National Cultural Commission, which was facilitating the auditions, and the Morobe provincial division of culture and tourism had failed him.
“They did not inform  me that the auditions were held at the beginning of this month,” he said yesterday.
The auditions were conducted by an organisation called Ufacinema.
And Mr Pathrom, who is known from his shows around the country where he and his three children entangle snakes from their baskets and wrap them around their necks, believed he had a good chance of being chosen.
He has been active in Lae promoting HIV/AIDS.
  “I am very upset to miss out on this golden opportunity due to responsible authorities’ negligence to inform us. They let me and my three children down,”  Mr Pathrom said.
“This was the door to get through to the next stage.
“When such international film makers come into the country, it provides opportunity for us.”