Sniper’s telescope found on traveller

National, Normal

The National – Friday, December 10, 2010

A TELESCOPIC sight meant for sniper rifles was confiscated at the Jackson Airport on Monday.
A passenger, who claimed to be an officer with the Prime Minister’s Department, arrived from overseas with the contraband in his possession.
The man tried to justify that the object was a binoculars but customs officials said, normally, binoculars had two lenses while this one had only one eye piece and confirmed as a part of telescopic rifle.
Karl Sopol from Mendi, Southern Highlands, failed to put the item on the travellers’ declaration form as required.
The telescope was wrapped with a cloth and placed in the bottom of the bag he was carrying when the x-ray detected it.
He then told the customs officer that it was a toy for his kids but the officer, who was experienced in handling firearms, said the telescope was not a toy but a factory-made attachment for high powered rifles.
 The offender, who flew in from China, via Manila, would be referred to authorities for investigation.