Snooker handicap challenge cues off


CURRENT Papua New Guinea women’s snooker champion Hane Vaieke and fellow Hanuabadan May Vare are the two women among 32 players taking part in the 2017 Port Moresby Snooker Handicap challenge which cued off on Tuesday.
The players have been grouped in eight groups of four players.
Vaieke, with a handicap of plus 25, is in Group G with Marcus Rahman (10), Emmanuel Kapi (10) and Andrew Taka (40) playing at the Aviat Club.
Group H, also at the Aviat Club, has Fred Ramos (20), Timothy Breria (35), Lasark Joseph (10) and Gamu Miria (15).
Defending champion Richard Bario with a handicap of plus 15 is in Group F which is playing at the Laguna Hotel.  His opponents in this group are Willie Vaieke with a zero handicap, Willie Tiki (30) and Danny Earls with a handicap of 15.
Group E, also at Laguna, has Noel Ramos (-5) and Ralph Kaina (-5) along with Oscar Pomaleu (30) and Charlie Lainda (35).
All the other groups are at the Lamana Q Club with Group A compromising Kametan Sibunakau (5), Charlie Tom (15), George Rumints (20) and Rochus Mission (25).
Group B players include tournament director Joey Chan (5), Warren Gai (0), Clyde Palmah (25) and Jason Boude (40).
May Vare (30) is in Group C along with Gus Kraus (5), Kelly Yambi (-5) and Toua Simoi (15) while all eyes will be on Group D when POMBSA president John Chan (5) faces Willie Vaieke (10), Arana Taviri (10) and Toka Owen (25).
All group matches will be played over a best-of-three-frames and all sessions start at 6pm.
The round robin group matches are expected to finish today with the final 16 with the best-of-three-frames and quarterfinals to be played over a best-of-five-frames to start at 4pm tomorrow at the Lamana Q Club.
On Saturday, the semifinals will be played over the best-of-five-frames starts at 11am at the Q Club and at 3pm the grand final will be over a best-of-seven frames.
POMBSA president John Chan thanked the management and staff of the venues – Lamana Q Club, Laguna Hotel and Aviat Club – for the use of their facilities.