So hard to get Aussie visa

Letters, Normal

The National- Tuesday, January 25, 2011

 WHY is it so difficult to get visas to visit Australia?  

Are we not friends who have a shared history, two people who live and died together, fought and died together, who trade as any good neighbour would?  

Australia is immature and  its very clear in the way they are treating our people by serving them visas on the street. 

This is unprecedented.  

At least for PNG we can pat ourselves on the back for we do not reciprocate this same rubbish to our friends and neighbours. 

Thank you, PNG, let that be a stain on Australia’s record and not on PNG.  

We are people who welcome our visitors with open arms, smiling faces and a warm heart. 



Okuk Mori Rogerson

PNG Oz Tours

Sydney, Australia