So many issues with GE22


THERE is a growing consensus in Papua New Guinea that the current national election marred by violence, vote-tampering and misinformation, is the worst the country has experienced.
Violence, major problems with the electoral rolls and access to voting and inadequate security has marred the General Election 2022.
Is this years election situation the worst?
General elections in PNG normally marred with reports of controversy and electoral violence.
This is nothing new to PNG.
In the 2017 election, more than 200 people died, with some describing it as the worst election in PNG’s history.
It seems that our Government simply doesn’t learn from the past election Violence and to give a number of recommendations and attention to improve the quality and integrity of future elections.
Even the government didn’t release funds for voter registration in a timely manner for the PNG Electoral Commission to update its electoral rolls, this all now comes to the leadership, what really happen to our leadership?
The truth is that PNG has a leadership problem in the country.
The 40 plus year’s leadership has proved more than incapable of running this country.
We are now at a time the leadership is a threat and grave concern to the future of this country.
The government’s failure to act on and implement electoral reforms.
Crucially, a delay in funding for the election commission prevented a major update of the electoral roll.
The lack of a national census has made effectively updating the roll even more difficult, information provided by the census, such as the age of individuals helps with the common roll update in determining the number of eligible voters in each electorate.
This is critical in election management.
The government’s last-minute decision to create seven new constituencies on the eve of the last parliament’s term also played a part in delay in this year’s election.
Notably, the government made this decision after ballot papers were already printed.
Consequently, the Electoral Commission was forced to delay the issue of writs, only weeks before the start of voting.
Despite introducing measures including the purchasing of armoured vehicles and the passage of a new gun control law that carries high fines and tough penalties, political violence remains widespread.
Policing the elections has always been difficult and the support of the Australian Defence Forces is a welcome contribution to public safety.
The PNG police force needs this support, it is chronically underfunded and severely lacking in manpower, in the last five years.
The Government of the day simply failed its people with no leadership quality, has failed to updating electoral laws, electoral procedures, district boundaries, and voter registration.
Missing just one of these stages affects the rest of the electoral process.
Going forward, the government must complete the national census to review the redistricting and undertake a comprehensive update of the common roll as well as enact the necessary electoral reforms to protect democracy and the integrity of elections.
Our government leadership lack vision to change this country they have no visions and their development plans for the people.
PNG has never been run to progress and advance forward from one economic growth to another.
One of the factors that caused development stagnation in PNG is our lack of leadership by our politicians in steering and running this country forward.
Corruption and leadership issue is widespread and penetrating all levels of society, the social and economic effects of it are visible and affect everyone in the country.
Is 2022/2023 will be the year to change the course of this country?
Or will the new Government cripple this nation down to its knees.
Whoever looks at PNG will see the ship is powered by stupidity, nonsense and corruption.

Ian Aima Serege

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