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THANK YOU Sir Peter Ipatas for being forthright.
This election is the worst ever, there is absolutely no reason to justify this injustice done to the people of our nation.
Official corruption is the reason Kompiam was burnt to the ground.
Official corruption also is the reason so much of Enga is being torn apart by Engans themselves in this election.
Sir Peter has fought tooth and nail to bring Enga to be where it is today and yet so many of those who have benefited from his leadership over the last 30 years and have had educational opportunities unmatched elsewhere in this nation have turned around to dismantle what this great leader has built.
Official electoral corruption and our typical Papua New Guinea way of thinking means that government officials, including MPs and public servants and others with a clear knowledge about the planning, distribution, voting, counting and elimination process of the elections, with full intent to infiltrate the electoral process at some crucial juncture to favour a certain candidate or party.
Rigging of an election of any type is often through various ways and means, foremost is usually through cash inducements or bribery as is commonly known.
We are also aware of reports of authorities looking the other way when such occurrences are reported in must win seats for incumbent MPs who have been paying for votes in hundreds of thousands and millions of Kina.
Meanwhile, nationwide, chronic abuse of the process by candidates and supporters is rapidly become a talking point in all circles and it is hurting in all counting venues with many resorting to physical confrontation to demonstrate their outright anger at the unfairness that is unfolding before them.
While we are all bound by law not to say and criticise anything without specific evidence, we have many situations that are glaring examples of corruption that our leaders are employing to advance their own election campaign, in the meanwhile everybody feels duty-bound to keep quiet about it.
Is this how we as a nation fight corruption?
What is the point in having a religious body such as the council of churches if they cannot speak out against issues that are deeply corrupt in nature and are obviously sanctioned by those in authority?
What also is the point in having a panel of experts on a radio show who shy away from pin-pointing situations and exposing corrupt and improper practices that is right before them?
I find their commentaries lacking substances and critical analysis while in all instances offer no solution whatsoever to any of the issue that give rise to their discussions.
The only person in the entire country who seems to be concerned about the rot and decay (corruption) that is eating into our governance system is Paul Baker, INA director.
We applaud Sir Peter for acknowledging that this election was the worst ever and we stand behind you and urge you to stand up to corruption even if it means pulling your support away from the Government.
The nation stands behind every MP who has won and is in Parliament purely on the strength of a win from a fair and honest contest.

Francis Talu

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