Soccer sector riddled with controversies

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The National, Friday May 30th, 2014

 IT was sad to learn of two importance soccer matches being involved in controversies. 

One happened in Lae and the other in Fiji.

Firstly, congratulations to Hekari and Lae FC for making it to the grand finals of the National Soccer League (NSL). 

Unfortunately, it had to end the way it did, courtesy of the hooligans. 

The referee of the day was not a neutral person. 

Did the NSL referee committee or whoever chose the match officials know that Job Minana is a referee at the NCDFA that is run by the owners of Hekari FC? 

It is a conflict of interest and the same thing happened in the semi-finals between Hekari and Laitepo Morobe FC where the referee was also from the NCDFA. 

The NSL board could have gotten someone from out of the country to officiate it, if they thought other referees within the country were not capable of controlling the finals. 

The NSL board once again have shot themselves in the foot because of this oversight. 

The next controversy occurred when our U-20 boys who played against the American Samoans in Fiji had a reserve player sent off for fighting. 

This was captured on camera and published in the media. 

I know the player will be appropriately dealt with by the PNGFA.

Nevertheless, congratulations to the boys for beating one of the powerhouses of soccer in the Pacific, the Solomon Islands.  

For now, our supporters have a long way to go in controlling their emotions in support of their teams. 


Soccer sapota, Via email


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