Social media and Apec


PLEASE Members of Parliament, your words have a story to tell.
We are preparing for Apec Summit 2018 and it is a chance for our advancement. We will have some of the planet’s richest and most-powerful political leaders here.
Let us not create confusion among ourselves and other countries which are coming.
The world is watching us.
The words used in social media must be reliable because a particular word can be misunderstood by a doctor, lawyer, mathematician, economist, historian, etc, in their own defined concept.
You, the MPs, are running the show.
Your conduct and speech will determine how our nation goes.
Therefore, a word or phrase posted can bring clear picture of where you are coming from.
Think outside the box.
You will bring conclusion to others of how our country is progressing because we are living in a modernised world.
Our leaders must concentrate on benefits after Apec Summit rather than criticism.
The differences you politicians are seen and observed both in PNG and abroad,
Don’t let PNG down.
Let’s work together and fight corruption to build our society.
Let’s show other nations that we can run our country with confidence.
Let no other foreigners control us as some are currently doing.

Jethro Liliura
Lae City Mission