Social media being used to defame others


WITHOUT regulatory oversight in social media, it is an open season for sacked employees, estranged spouses, disgruntled supporters of politicians and the all walk of unhappy people resorting and venting their frustrations.It does help ease the pain or bring some comfort and appeasement but that is only temporal once the truth dawns in. As there are always two sides to a story. There are some very good people who put in years of hard work, dedication and with of course, the blessing from the Lord above. They occupy elevated positions in the country. It must not always be politics or corruption that a man must go places and enjoy good things in life. Recently, I have noted a disgruntled ex-employee of National Youth Development Authority (NYDA) clawing every possible string to destroy the integrity of the organisation and its director-general Joe Itaki. Those at NYDA and its sister agencies and development partners can all vouch the unblemished reputation of Itaki and give a fair account of the good work he is doing there – particularly, his strong stance against corruption. A trend now fast emerging is people with vested interests, in a job for instance; take it to the social media and discredit their subject with fabricated lies. Then they conspire with susceptible policemen to cook up allegations enough to obtain an arrest on the subject. The aim of these unscrupulous people is to dislodge their target from their occupation once an arrest is made and an ensuing case is on foot. It’s very unfortunate for Itaki and other good Papua New Guineans who still believe that merit is the bedrock of professionalism and an honest living. Your God will fight your battle. Peace be with you.

David Lepi