Social worker joins quest

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The National, Friday 14th September 2012

TREATING a mouth cancer patient when you should be having fun like a normal 25-year-old is not anyone’s idea of a picnic but Madang’s own Miss Papua New Guinea contender is doing just that.
Joelinda Moani, of West Sepik and Madang parentage, is one of the five finalists in the event.
With a heart as beautiful as herself, she described how she was having difficulties in trying to seek sponsorship to host a fundraising event.
With letters of interest scattered around town two weeks ago, she is now pressed for time.
Moani is self-starter who has been involved with Real People Living with HIV/AIDS (RIPA), as a community worker and then a home-carer for HIV patients.
Moani, as team leader, has even filled the role of head self-care facilitator, and says, “Seeing people rising up from their sick bed has been my greatest fulfillment in my work.”
Being the youngest, she has no qualms about cleaning and dressing a cancerous ulcer the size of a baseball hanging out of the side of one’s face.
“The ulcer covered the patient’s eyes and hung over the side of his chin. Since July, I have been in his Suaru village in Bogia, attending to him,” she said.
“The sore has now reduced to the size of a coconut cookie but an urgent operation is needed to have the ulcer removed from his face.”
She has secured the Coast Watchers Hotel as the venue for a corporate dinner, where she intends to showcase her work and experiences.
“I am expected to raise K10,000, which is the registration fee by Red Cross and any other amount after that will go towards expenses for the patient in having his operation in Port Moresby,” she added.
Recognised for her efforts by former United States Ambassador Leslie Rowe, Moani’s work, which began at age 18,has left an indelible expression on the many faces she cared and worked for.