Social worker off on learning trip


A SOCIAL worker has gone to the United States with the hope and will to learn and experience aspects of work to pass on to people at home.
Josephine Kaola is the latest participant in the US Embassy’s international visitors’ leadership programme (IVLP) on non-governmental organisation (NGO) management.
The programme will highlight the role of the non-profit sector in the US society and ways that NGOs promote an educated, engaged civil society, a cornerstone of democracy.
Kaola is the project coordinator with HOPE
worldwide, a faith-based organisation serving communities and focusing on health-related programmes in PNG.
Her skills in leadership and herpassion to implement the HIV/AIDS programme while interacting with key population groups has been outstanding, the embassy said.
“I hope that through this IVLP programme, I can learn how to use innovative ideas to do fundraising in order to sustain impactful programmes,” Kaola said.

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