Society Haus for the PNGMS

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DEPUTY Prime Minister Sir Puka Temu last week pledged the Government’s support for a proposal by the PNG Medical Society to build the Society Haus.
In commending the society for co-hosting with private health partners a successful medical symposium last week, Sir Puka said that allocation for this would be included in next year’s budget so that construction would start.
PNG medical society president Mathias Sapuri told The National yesterday that no costing figures could be disclosed at this time but work on the proposal was underway with the building to be located between the University of Papua New Guinea medical school and the Port Moresby General Hospital.
It would accommodate all cadres of health workers and house necessary research and laboratories.
It would also have space for conferences and seminars which would focus on training of medical professionals out in
the field.
“This is very important because it will symbolise the development of health professionals in the country and this haus should accommodate other health cadres.
“I am also aware that it would be used for continuing health education for professional health workers in the country,” Sir Puka said last week.
He congratulated the society and the working committee on this project for the vision, saying Government would assist in facilitating the process through the Health Department and development partners.
He added that there would also be special grants by Government to support the work of the PNG Medical Journal as it is a valuable source of  knowledge used worldwide and remains one of PNG’s national icons.
The journal exposes local medical research and expertise to the world and is a national asset following a Government commitment made at the 2005 medical symposium.