SOEs should be free from political influence


IT was interesting to read about several MPs giving their comments on the Kumul Consolidated Holdings (KCH) Act 2002 with regards to how State-owned enterprises (SOEs) should be run.
One MP stated that SOEs were becoming a liability to the nation, which I agree.
All reasons and comments seem to be pointed elsewhere and not why SOEs became liabilities in the first place.
However, if the reasons why SOEs are becoming liabilities were listed plainly, the public would see that these SOEs did not become liabilities through their own making.
Ask any SOE to list down its top five debtors and the aged listing – how far back the debts are owed.
Not one MP asked how much the Government owed these SOEs.
In Parliament, MPs talk about the need and importance of political stability.
SOEs should have that too.
So many chief executive officers managing directors have brighter initiatives and changes, but in order to implement them, they should be free from political interference.
Because of political and other interference, most top office holders do not last their actual terms of contracts.
It’s no secret that most SOEs are milking cows for the Government and to do that.
Most politicians do this by having their own people inside the organisations who can be easily manipulated in order to achieve their corrupt deeds.

Epowe – Peya Naki