Software developer eyes SMEs market


CLOUD-based software can allow small to medium-sized enterprises save costs when it comes to the information technology needs of their operations, says a local software developer.
This option is gradually being employed as people become used to technology, especially through the use of smartphones, says OneCloud PNG founder Trevor Gankarch.
“Owning a mobile application is not such a fancy item to have in possession but rather a great asset for your businesses, especially the SME sector,” Gankarch said.
“Our aim at OneCloud is to create a presence in the various mobile application platforms for all our clients in Papua New Guinea.”
He said there was a need for a contextualised application for the PNG market, which his firm was targeting. “We sit down, we listen to your proof of concept, do up a plan and try to make it become a reality,” he said.
“Apps also generate revenue for the owners. We also help you automate billing for pre-paid services as well.
“The technology industry in the country is evolving with the Apec Leaders’ Summit in November, and all the recent surge in innovation mostly centered around solving underlying problems faced by all. (There is also) the proposed Government infrastructure of the cheaper internet rates.”

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