Soldier dismissed after allegedly using in-law’s papers


A MAN who allegedly used his sister-in-law’s education qualification to join the Defence Force has been dismissed after a year in the military, a senior officer says.
Colonel Dickers Esso, the chief of the PNGDF training branch, said allegations against the man had first surfaced on social media.
“We found out with the help of the Education Department’s Measurement Services Unit that he (had used) his sister-in-law’s grade 10 and 12 certificates to join the PNGDF last year,” he said.
The man was one of the 22 soldiers who joined the PNGDF last year using false education qualifications. The others will be dismissed soon.
PNGDF Deputy Commander Commodore Philip Polewara had said earlier that a senior Defence Force officer had been suspended from duty over the allegations of bribery in the recruitment process.
“The lieutenant-colonel attached to the recruitment and training branch has been suspended for allegedly brushing aside PNG Defence Force chief major-general Gilbert Toropo’s orders to remove 22 probationary soldiers,” Polewara said.
“The soldiers had used forged education certificates to join the PNGDF in the first intake last year.
“When a joint PNGDF-Education investigation exposed these soldiers, major-general Toropo ordered the lieutenant-colonel to remove these soldiers.
“Unfortunately he (failed to do so).
“So he was suspended from duty.”
Polewara said they were now cracking down on bribery allegations during the recruitment process.

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