Soldier, women detained

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The National, Wednesday July 24th, 2013

 FIVE people, including two women and a PNG Defence Force soldier, who were travelling with prison escapee William Kapris and his accomplice, Raphael Walimini, have been arrested and locked up at the Boroko police cells.

The soldier was named as Steven Yafai, 41, who from Karapia village in Yangoru, East Sepik. He is stationed at Murray Barracks. 

The two women were identified as  32-year-old Philomena Kalagaus of Oroi village in Bereina, Central, and Margaret Dola, 40, of Omapa village in Kutubu, Southern Highlands.

The other two are Nelson Inei, 40, an ex-soldier from Yangoru in East Sepik and 35-year-old Kevin Kom of Bela, in Mendi, Southern Highlands.

Confirming the arrests yesterday, Police Commissioner Tom Kulunga said police had received information on Monday morning that Kapris and Walimini were travelling in a white Toyota 10-seater Landcruiser along the Hiritano Highway.

“Police units were quickly assembled and sent to the area where they spotted the vehicle. Police tried to stop the vehicle but it drove on,” Kulunga said in a statement.

He said one of the police vehicles ran off the road as it tried to stop the 10-seater with its passengers.

“The suspects shot at police and a confrontation took place between police and the escapees along the Hiritano Highway at Camp 48 between Gabadi village and Doa Plantation at about 5pm.

“During the shootout, both suspects were shot and killed.

“We anticipate more accomplices of the escapees will be arrested and charged,” Kulunga said, adding that police investigations were continuing.

He added that Kapris and Walimini were on the run for three months “because people were helping them”.

“These two were in prison for rape, murder and armed robbery. Yet, our people protected and hid them from the law.

“When do you say enough is enough? When you become a victim?

“I once again remind our young men that crime does not pay. For it is written in the Holy Bible that the wages of sin is death. He who lives by the sword will die by the sword,” Kulunga said.

He commended Assistant Police Commissioner Jim Andrews, NCD police and Correctional Service members “for their tireless efforts over the last three months since Kapris and Walimini escaped from the Bomana prison”.

“I also want to thank members of the public who provided valuable information which enabled us to close this sad chapter in our history.”