Soldiers’ barbaric behaviour a shame

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I WANT to express my disgust over the barbaric behaviour of soldiers from Taurama barracks who ransacked the Manu autoport and stole K108,000 last Sa­turday.
Such behaviour is uncalled for from soldiers who have sworn an oath of allegiance with God to serve PNG loyally and faithfully during good and bad times.
The primitive behaviour of these rogue soldiers in destroying the service station must be condemned.
Both the police and PNGDF must lay appropriate criminal and disciplinary charges against those involved in the incident and those found guilty should be swiftly discharged from the force.
Only two weeks ago, drunken soldiers also from Taurama, went to the Yumi Yet flats at Gerehu and demanded to enter the premises.
When they were ejected, they picked a fight with the security guards and some of the tenants there.
Seeing that they were outnumbered, they went back to Taurama and returned to Gerehu with reinforcements in a huge transport vehicle and demanded compensation for injuries caused to the drunken soldiers.
We, the law abiding citizens, have had enough of the undisciplined PNGDF soldiers.
It is about time the PNGDF commander takes a bold step to dismiss the undisciplined soldiers and replace them with loyal and obedient one.


Concerned citizen
Via email