Soldiers complete training

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The National, Wednesday March 12th, 2014

 By John Zauya

The Papua New Guinea Defence Force skills at arms meeting ended on a high note yesterday at the Goldie Training Depot in Port Moresby, with the Long Range Reconnaissance Unit declared the champions of the year.

The unit comprising of the best from the two infantry battalions in the 1st Royal Pacific Infantry Regiment at Taurama Barracks (1IPIR) and 2nd Royal Pacific Infantry Regiment at Moem Barracks (2RPIR) proved their status by taking the overall competition.

The Special Forces Unit based at the Warrior Camp at the Goldie Training Depot was too good in the eight events that were competed over the month-long competition. The unit won most of the individual competitions as well as the team rivalry.

The competition involved a lot of individual efforts in weapon handling skills such as the use of M16s and machine guns.