Soldiers-in-training prove their toughness

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The National – Tuesday, December 14, 2010

By GRACE AUKA UPNG journalism student
THE Goldie Barracks training depot came alive yesterday when its recruits braved the heat to undergo intense obstacles or confidence courses.
The purpose of the training was to enhance the soldiers’ physically and mentally to qualify and become soldiers.
According to officer in command of recruit company Benjamin Posai, it was an course aimed to build confidence and develop the recruits in areas such as team work, mental and physical toughness and various techniques on assembling weapons.
“Through this course, we expect them to learn and develop how to work as a team, start and finish as a team and encourage them to go through various techniques they have been taught,” he said.
Present to witness the training was PNG Defence Force commander Brig-Gen Francis Agwi and his new aide de camp, Capt Jacqueline Lilih with other senior PNGDF personnel.
“Unity starts from here.
“They need to work as a team and end the training that they have been through,” Agwi said.
Speaking from his own experience, he said the course was to train soldiers at a high standard and to prepare them to be physically fit in the upper and lower limbs of the body.
He said the five platoons were made up of recruits from different provinces around the country. 
The platoons comprised eight-man teams commanded to complete a total of 15 obstacles.
Each recruit was required to complete a section within a given time and if one failed, the team had to wait for them to successfully complete it before moving on to the next station. Each of the sections had its’ own instructor.
Some of the obstacles included the over and under tunnel, flying fox bar and climbing a wall.
This course was the final major activity that will determine them before they pass out next Monday.
Out of the five platoons, a winner will be chosen according to their physical toughness and the fastest timers during each of the obstacles they faced.