Soldiers need to get back to basics

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday February 27th, 2014

 I AGREE with the writer who  highlighted the physical outlook of a professional trained soldier after graduating from Goldie Training Depot to a soldier you see a couple of months later – with a  pot belly,  overweight and  obese.

It is  a sign of a weak Defence Force that cannot defend our country.

The force has lost its focus  in  discipline  and  other important aspects that  are  required by the military, after the Sandline issue and the downsizing of the force in 2001. The military personnel today only enjoy what they are benefiting from the State for their survival and have forgotten the fundamental aspects of being a soldier. 

The deteriorating army establishment and infrastructures throughout the country is a sign of a weak leadership, indecisive and incompetent head of military leading the force.

The public no longer trust the military and they are asking questions like what  is  wrong  with  the military which is supposed to help us and  is now  turning against us?

The military has to go back  to  basics  to bring back that respect and pride of  a  healthy and physically fit soldier. 

I urged the military to reintroduce monthly full military battle exercise we used to enjoy before and not DPU with sand shoes.

That is not what a recruit was taught while at Goldie River Training Depot.

Where are the physical training instructors who are  supposed  to  do  a weekly physical training programme for all units to keep physically fit?

Those medically unfit should be recommended for discharge on medical grounds. 

There  are so many things that we see today that needs to be corrected and improved.


Former soldier