Soldiers told to display leadership qualities

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The National, Tuesday October 29th, 2013

 A GROUP of soldiers have been told to display leadership and be of good influence to others.

Defence Force Chief of Personnel Col Mark Goina said this would ensure soldiers exercised obedience and loyalty from the bottom rank up.

He was speaking at the graduation of 24 soldiers who attended a Corporal Lands Phase Qualifying course at the Goldie Training Depot, outside Port Moresby, last Friday.

“Junior Non-Commissioned Officers play a very important role in the command and control structure of the force,” he said. “It shapes what happens at the top.”

The qualifying course is part of a series of training the depot offers to soldiers to qualify them for the rank of corporal in the army.

Giona said becoming a corporal in the army was vital because they took care of the administration, the welfare of soldiers and would often lead in training sessions.

He said the skills and knowledge they had gained throughout the course should be applied in their respective units.