Solomon wants justice for violence


Religion, Youth and Community Development Secretary Anna Solomon has condemned the sorcery-related violence suffered by a six-year-old girl in Enga.
“How can this be done to a child? How can you accuse a child of sorcery? To me, this is not about the accusation of sorcery. This is a criminal matter – violence on a child,” Solomon said.
“The perpetrator and those who have done this must be taken to justice.
“The minister has condemned this. We will work with the police minister and we will make sure that those who did this will face the full brunt of the law.
“Picture your child. If something like this happened to your child, it is not good.
“This is plain stupidity and this must stop.
“Police must ensure that those perpetrators are put behind bars.
“The department strongly condemns any violence against children, and this is not acceptable.”
The girl is about six years old and is the daughter of the late Leniata Kepari who was falsely accused of sanguma in 2013 and burned to death in public in Mt Hagen.
Her public torture made international headlines and sparked the Women Arise movement which culminated in the passing of the Family Protection Act.