Solomons seeking strong socio-economic links


SOLOMON Islands and Papua New Guinea should strengthen socio-economic links in light of growing foreign commercial interests in the region, Solomon Islands High Commissioner Barnabas Agna says.
He said maintaining dialogue on the basis of citizens’ interests was the strategy to enhancing that link
“The commercial consideration should be there,” Agna said. “I think that is something both of us are doing.
“Our people are the main reason behind decisions we make.
“Dialogue is a very important vehicle for any party, and especially for countries.
“When it comes to regional concerns that we might share, then it is very much needed.” Agna said Solomon Islands valued the ties with Papua New Guinea and that more exchanges needed to happen to get the most from the relationship.
“As neighbours, my view is that with whichever concern, there must always be room for dialogue,” Agna said.
“There may be times when we are driven by emotions, but the most-important thing is to take a step back and think of our people’s interests. That should be the guiding factor for each of us as well for greater cooperation.
“Our people should be a priority point, whether it be commercial considerations or dealing with others who are coming into the region.”