Solve land dispute out of court: Justice Salika

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TWO worthy projects are still under question in court to determine which party should be given the permission to proceed with the projects on the land in dispute.
Deputy Chief Justice Gibbs Salika on Wednesday advised Nambawan Super Limited and Hekari Holdings Limited to sort out their land ownership issues first before returning to court for its determination.
The plaintiff Nambawan Super filed a writ of summons, claiming the ownership of Malolo Estate, the property in question, and intended to construct new houses on the property to sell to its members.
However, the defendant, Hekari Holdings which claimed ownership of the same land, refer to it as Saivara Land and wanted to build a soccer stadium on the land.
The land is believed to be located somewhere near Eight-Mile, opposite the Jackson International Airport.
Nambawan Super went to court and obtained interim orders on Aug 11 and the motion was argued in court for the plaintiff to justify its reason as to why the injunction it sought, should remain in force.
Nambawan Super claimed in court that it had title to the land and had every right to proceed with its projects.
Hekari Holdings also claimed that it owned that piece of land.
The court understood that there should only be one owner of the land, not multiple owners, which could cause problems.
The court also asked whether the parties were arguing over the same land or different lands.
This was because the plaintiffs claim the property as Malolo Estate, while the defendants claim it as Saivara Land.
Therefore, Justice Salika told the parties to sort out the ownership issue first before returning to court to determine which project should proceed on the property.
He also ordered the injunction order to remain until the ownership issue was determined.