Somare’s words tell us he is a born leader

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday July 26th, 2012

IT is surprising, especially in PNG politics, for a young politician like Arthur Somare to gracefully accept defeat and congratulate his successor.
He even admitted that he did not perform to the expectations of the Angoram people and spent most of his time on national politics.
“They did not let me down. If anything, I was the one who let them down,” Somare said.
“They were not satisfied with my efforts and that is why they chose a new leader.”.
Such words can only come from a born leader.
Somare has definitely set a benchmark, as his father did, which is difficult to emulate.
I am from Mt Hagen but I want to thank the Sepik people for providing PNG with quality leadership like Sir Michael Somare and his son, Arthur.
He is the only defeated candidate to positively praise the process.
That means that he did not  use his position to influence the pro-cess as experienced in almost all other electorates in the country.
Somare was matured enough to stand and allow the people to decide on the ballot freely using their conscience.
If Somare used his money and intimidation as had happened in my own electorate and others around the country then he would surely come home safely.
Some people out there refuse to lose their seats and they use dirty tactics to cling on to power.
They should conduct themselves like Somare and allow the people to decide..
Somare has done the right thing by saving himself because those who plunder at the expense of the people’s suffering do not last.
Given the current chaotic elections, ordinary Papua New Guineans would like the biometric system to be used in the 2017 general election so that it will be free, fair and safe.
Otherwise this country will go to the dogs.

Tennga kentep
Mt Hagen