Somare assures Lae on power, water woes

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PUBLIC Enterprises Minister Arthur Somare has assured the people of Lae that he will do everything within his powers to ensure power and water is restored to the city of Lae.
Mr Somare said Yonki Hydro had been shut down for scope of work to be carried out and he regretted that it had affected Lae city.
The minister also said water in Lae were affected by the power as pumping stations could not work without power.
He was responding to Morobe Governor Luther Wenge and Lae MP Bart Philemon on the power and water woes that was affecting people, business, schools and other service providers in Lae.
Mr Wenge said business houses were losing business, schools were affected, water was affected and people were made to suffer.
“What is the real cause of continuous power failure? How soon can you remedy this situation? Can you authorise someone with financial capability to provide alternative power source?” Mr Wenge asked.
Mr Wenge said the PNG Waterboard had made millions of kina from Lae alone and asked what the real cause of the water problems in Lae.
Lae MP and deputy Opposition leader said Lae residents had gone without water for 10 days and asked about Waterboard’s  capacity to provide water.
Mr Philemon said he deposited K700 000 in January for the Waterboard for water reticulation to two Ahi villages.
“That cheque bounced, how can that cheque bounce?”
Mr Somare in response to the two MPs said the rehabilitation of Yonki ha d not happen for a long time without any investments from successive governments until this
government came into office.