Somare confident of 80-member support

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PRIME Minister Sir Michael Somare is confident of the support of 80 Members of Parliament to pass the 2011 Budget next week, and fight off any vote of no-confidence in him.
Sir Michael was comforted by information provided by the Registrar of Political Parties informing of the numbers on both sides of the floor.
“Just because certain provisions of the Organic Law on the Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates (OLIPPAC) were deemed unconstitutional, does not mean we collapse into a heap during this session of parliament – the law still stands,” Sir Michael said.
He said political parties still had a responsibility to inform the Office of the Registrar of Political Parties and Candidates, of the movement of their members.
Sir Michael said it was important that members of parliament who were threatening to overthrow government checked first with the Office of the Registrar to find out who had the numbers.
“From checks that my office has done with the Office of the Registrar, I am informed that of the 109 members of parliament, 80 are in government and 19 are in the opposition. There are nine independent candidates and a member of parliament that is currently under suspension.
“The hot air that has ballooned around this session of parliament on the possibility of a vote of no-confidence needs to be stemmed and the Registrar has done that by making readily available this information to all MPs, especially those that are unaware of their status and where they stand with regard to the OLIPPAC law.”
Sir Michael said MPs should make it their business to inform the people of their proper legal and parliamentary status.
“This session of parliament is too important as we have the 2010 supplementary budget and the 2011 National Budget to pass in preparation for activities that will be taking place next year.”
“There is also other important legislation that needs to be passed during this session.
“I therefore call on members of parliament not to waste their time and energy on illusions of a vote of no-confidence”
“Government has less than twenty months until the end of its term in office. There is still much to be done. “
“I can confidently say from our previous track record of 2007 that while this government is in office there will not be a budget deficit in the election year 2012.
He said a change in government does not guarantee that those thirsting for power will protect the gains that this government has made.