Somare: Govt’s conducts unprecedented

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The National,Monday16 January 2012

GRAND Chief Sir Michael Somare said over the weekend that the conduct of the illegitimate O’Neill regime during the past few months “surpasses anything ever seen in Papua New Guinea”.
Sir Michael said at the end of last year, his government listed the breaches and violations since the O’Neill regime illegally assumed office on Aug 2.
 “The list was long and is still growing today.
“The National newspaper and the Jakarta Post revealed last week more irregular activities of the regime,” he said.
“It is in light of these activities and the fear of more breaches that I appeal to public servants who are committed to preserving the rule of law and safeguarding Papua New Guinea to please observe and uphold the Constitution.
“We have seen too many incidents where public servants have cooperated with Members of Parliament thereby performing illegal operations.
“This collusion undermines the separation of powers between the legislature and the executive as both these arms must uphold the law.
“In order to be able to carry out your duties in an unquestionable and legal manner, public servants must know laws and regulations that govern their conduct.”