Somare returns as PM

Letters, Normal

The National- Monday, January 24, 2011

 WHAT a relief!

The old man is back to correct various anomalies left while he was out for five weeks on “holiday”. 

The chief justice will appoint the leadership tribunal any time now.

He has a few days remaining as PM as he will automatically step aside once the tribunal is announced. 

All he needs to correct is for Polye to be brought back to the fore and let him lead NA even to the elections in 2012. 

Sam Abal has demonstrated, during the vote of the GG, that he cannot master numbers, demonstrating his weakness. 

Put Polye back at the helm and remove those unreliable coalition partners in government.

Polye, when he is put there, should invite the opposition led by Sir Puka Temu to stabilise everything, including the National Alliance the before elections.



Sundo Mok