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WIDELY regarded as the father of the nation, Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare, 82, was in a critical condition last night fighting cancer in Port Moresby.
He and wife Lady Veronica had been preparing this week to go overseas for treatment.
A family member last night said: “It is with sadness that I advise, on behalf of the Somare family, the serious illness pancreatic cancer that has befallen our father, Sir Michael, it is at a critical stage and we as a family, along with his medical teams, are giving him the utmost care that he deserves.
“After comprehensive consultation to ensure all clinical opportunities were exhausted in every jurisdiction with the competencies able to treat the critical stage of this form of cancer, the family, in consultation with the grand chief and Lady Veronica, have settled with offering the best palliative care and nutritional and dietary care in PNG.
“Due to the numerous enquiries, we thought it best to be forthright so the public knows the exact extent of this terrible illness.
“We thank the many Papua New Guineans who have sent in their well wishes and prayers for the health and wellbeing of Sir Michael and Lady Veronica.”


  • Sad news indeed – Sir Michael will forever be remembered as PNGs Grand Chief – loved and respected by all who had the good fortune to meet him. Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.

  • Our prayers are with him. May the good Lord grant him peace and take care of him at this critical time.

  • Sending my good wishes to Sir Micheal and his family. This is very sad news to receive regarding his illness. We have known each other since 1968, as young guys in Angoram and have had a respectful friendship with each other throughout all these years. I am praying for you. Regards, Sava Muruk

  • We hope our chief recover, God the creator has a final say to our lifes and God has a final say to our chief of PNG, his people of ESP, his tribe in Angoram and his family.
    God bless you and your family.

  • Psalm 90:10. We are prone to live for only 70 or to 80 years by Gods grace. No one can live forever. This short years is for us to prepare for eternity years to come where we will live forever. This short years is only pain and struggle as Solomon says.
    May God bless you Grand Chief

  • Praying for God’s healing mercy for you Sir Michael and peace to Lady Veronica and the Somare family.

    God Bless you.

  • Pancreatic cancer is a very serious and aggressive cancer indeed. My brother was taken with it within 6 months of diagnosis at 57. I pray for quality of life for Sir Michael and his family through this time.

  • Get well soon our father of our nation and country,u have done a lot in our country PNG only God knows your plans because his the only one bought us all to this earth.
    You will be in our prayers.

  • God will bless and heal you Father of the Nation.He has given you the wisdom to build this great nation on strong fundamental principles and to where it is now.We pray for God’s mighty hands and grace be upon your life.Amen

  • Its good that the family is bold enough to reveal the cause of his hospitalization and we are with you family in prayer. Grand Chief Sir I always see you as a good man because you have lived up to be 82 years old and that alone shows that you were a good man according to the Bible. I salute you for all you have done for PNG you are one of the greatest eagles who ever flew over PNG. If this is where you will fare us good bye so be it. May the one who raised great and mighty leaders throughout history take you home on the wings of fiery Chariots. If it is GODs will for you to spend some more time with us LORD please hear our prayers.

  • Get well soon Sir, may our God Lord be with you and give you good health, our prayers are with you the founding father of this great nation.

  • Dear Sir, Grand Chieef,
    God shines his face upon you and strngthen you.The Love of God be upon you and watches over you. The Grace of our merciful God give you and family Peace. Believers all over the Provinces are praying for your recovery. GET WELL SOON PAPA IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS. ALL PRAISES TO GOD.

  • Get well soon Grand Chief! We offer our prayers to your speedy recovery. God Bless our founding father.

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