Somare supports Waipo’s candidacy

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The National, Monday 17th June 2013

 FORMER Angoram MP Arthur Somare will support National Alliance Party candidate Salio Waipo in the by-election for the seat.

Somare, who was MP for three terms, lost the seat in last year’s general election to Ludwig Shulze who died early this year.

Somare accompanied Waipo to file his nomination at the Angoram District Office last Tuesday.

Somare thanked the people for their confidence in him during the 15 years he represented them.

He told the Angoram people that while he contributed to income-generating projects such as cocoa and funded infrastructure for health and education, he had concentrated his efforts more on the national level. 

He encouraged them to vote for Waipo, who lives and works in Angoram, to continue the work that he had started.

National Alliance Party leader Patrick Pruaitch was also at the district office alsong with his predecessor and ESP Governor Sir Michael Somare, Jim Simatab, Maprik MP John Simon, former Attorney-General Sir Arnold Amet, Timothy Bonga, Ben Semri and Peter Wararu. 

Pruaitch told the crowd that Angoram was the heartland of Pangu Pati and the National Alliance Party and assured them that under the O’Neill-led Government, Angoram would continue to get its share of social services and assistance for development.

Waipo is a local businessman. He promised a clean campaign and urged other candidates to do likewise.

 He said his priority was to address law and order problems in the district. 

Incidentally, there are more candidates contesting the Angoram by-election than during last year’s general election.