Somare thanks US

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PRIME Minister Sir Michael Somare has thanked the US Government for committing US$21 million to Pacific Island nations including Papua New Guinea to combat climate change.
 “PNG has made a commitment to take all necessary measures to fight climate change and you can be assured that we are ready to take the lead in doing so,” he said.
Sir Michael emphasised his assurance during the brief visit of the US secretary of state Hillary Clinton to Port Moresby last Wednesday. 
He said domestically, PNG had made significant progress to prepare PNG for climate change adaptation and mitigation measures.
“Over the past 12 months we have developed a climate change strategy with tangible mitigation and adaptation actions, established an effective climate change and development office and have started a national consultation effort jointly with NGOs and development partners,” Sir Michael said.
He said the PNG government was also prepared to take bold action including a potential moratorium on agricultural conversion of primary rainforest.
Sir Michael also said both the developed and developing countries had a part to play in climate change.
“It is important that developed countries show real commitment through resource allocation and technical assistance in the implementation of programmes initiated by developing countries and rainforest rich nations.
He said: “PNG has funded many activities towards the implementation of REDD and will require financial and capacity support to scale up these initiatives.”