Somare the people are not with you

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday 24th January 2012

IF there was a system where the whole nation votes for the prime minister, Sir Michael Somare would lose.
And not only would he lose; he will also come last among all contestant.
He may get votes only from the MPs on his side and maybe his family members, plus those who where feeding of this old regime.
Why does the Grand Chief thinks the people of PNG are behind him.
His media statements cannot change the minds of the people.
He should stop wasting his time trying to discredit the O’Neill-Namah government because he is no longer trusted.
Maybe there is something he is trying to to cover up so he wants to go back into power to stop all investigations.
I can only say this Grand Chief: The time has come to hand over to a young vibrant government.
Kole Cops- Australia