Some companies do not recognise MCs

Letters, Normal

The National

I WOULD like to call on the authorities and unions to ensure that all companies in PNG strictly adhere to the occupational health and safety (OHS) law.
I believe there are many companies, including some big ones, do not implement OHS.
I have come across some employers who do not even accept medical certificates (MCs) provided by the sick employees, and instead, threaten to sack them for failing to turn up for work.
In such cases, these companies do not even have a medical scheme.
I worked for a leading company in the country.
After four years of employment, I fell sick.
I informed the company I had contracted malaria and had an MC.
But I was told to report for work so the managers can see that I am sick.
If that was not enough, I had to undergo a test to confirm that I was suffering from malaria at my own expense.
Only then did the company accepted by my absence as being sick.
You call this justice?
It is time the authorities look into this issue. 

Concerned citizen
Port Moresby