Some people are pursuing my arrest, says minister

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POLICE Minister Bryan Kramer, pictured, suspects that certain politicians are allegedly “manipulating” Assistant Police Commissioner Human Resource Sylvester Kalaut to arrest him on alleged cybercrime offences.
“I can only assume that some people are pursuing my arrest in an effort to have me dislodged from my ministry,” he said.
“While I can’t blame them for trying, perhaps I can blame them for the stupid way in going about it.”
Kramer said Kalaut should realise that these “politicians are misleading him to destroy his promising career and family tradition in serving the nation through the police force”.
“On Wednesday, Kalaut made an application in the District Court at Waigani for a search warrant in a case pursuing criminal charges against me,” he said.
“The search warrant was granted by the court directing the chief executive officer of Digicel PNG to retrieve or confirm that on 27th June 2019 I posted on Facebook an article titled “So National Reporter Threatens so Sue Me”?
“The information sought is to determine if I am the administrator of numerous Facebook pages and did post the article and to also retrieve comments made by Facebook users in response to the article.”
He said it appeared that Kalaut was “pursuing criminal charges against me on the grounds that the comments and remarks made
by third parties were defamatory, derogatory and libelous and actually destroyed the character, integrity and reputation causing emotional distress to the complainant.”
Kalaut said Kramer and other MPs in the Government and
Opposition were under investigation after police received complaints from people alleging various criminal offences against the leaders.

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