Some tips for Kwa


I WISH to congratulate you Dr Eric Kwa on your appointment as Secretary for Justice and Attorney-General.
You did lot in your previous role as Secretary for Constitutional and Law Reform Commission and I trust that you will perform well in the new role.
I have a number of urgent matters that you may consider, like reviewing some of the decisions relating to the following:

  • The allocation of department houses. The houses were allocated not based on merit and seniority but on favouritism.
  • The payment of recreation airfares to officers who are not entitled to it, like local officers from Central and nearby provinces.
  • The recruitment and appointment of officers, both senior and junior officers, to senior management positions, some of whom do not meet the required qualifications.
  • The recruitment of family members, relatives, etc.
  • The structure of the department should be reviewed to merge some offices like Parole and CBC to reduce costs in salaries, etc.

The department has been mismanaged in terms of human resource and finance over the past six years and with your experience and the support of good officers I am sure you can clean the mess which has been created.

DJAG Officer

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