Something going on in Oro


I appeal to Police Commissioner David Manning to send members of the Task Force responsible for arresting polling and counting officials who are involved in vote-rigging and other election-related offenses to come to Popondetta.
Here in Oro, some polling officials were caught with unused ballot papers after polling at a lodge and at a village.
Complaints were laid at the police station but the provincial police commander (PPC) failed to act on the complaints, saying he would attend to them after the elections.
These allegedly corrupt officials have been allowed to continue at the counting centre and some were caught with signed extra ballot papers.
These officials were named and OB entries made against them but the PPC did not have them arrested and charged.
I believe that by refusing to act on official complaints laid at the police station, the PPC has not only compromised his position but may have also perverted the course of justice.
When the Police Task Force members come into the province, many more other information will be given to them to act as we don’t trust the current PPC to do the right thing.

Charles Jasari
Scrutineer and Complainant

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