Sons give back to parents

Highlands, Normal


KOITI and Memti Datt toiled to educate and raise their two sons, fulfilling their obligations as parents.
On New Year’s Eve, they were warmly rewarded by their sons who handed them a set of keys to a new Mazda Bravo 4WD as a gift.
At Kinjibi village in Dei district outside Mt Hagen, Western Highlands province, a gathering was held to witness the filial occasion
which surprised Mr and Mrs Datt who had not expected such a generous gift.
Relatives present were moved to tears by the display of love by Steven Datt and Dr Mund Datt.
Steven is now a plantation manager in Solomon Islands and Dr Datt is a medical surgeon.
Both took a break to organise the gathering in the village.
It was also a day to celebrate Dr Datt’s success in earning his masters in medical surgery and Steven’s new born on Christmas Day.
The Datts’ third son James completed his studies in the Pacific Adventist University in Port Moresby.
The joy was celebrated by the tribesmen and women of Kinjibi Prandaka who were invited to the occasion and partake in a pig killing ceremony.
More than 15 pigs and a cow were slaughtered for the occasion.
Guest of honour, Mt Hagen General Hospital chief executive officer Dr James Kintwa, said more should emulate what Datt’s two sons had done.
“Parents can only be presented with gifts when they are still alive, instead of decorating their burial sites after they are gone.
He praised the Datt’s siblings for their foresight and wished them success in their future. Community leaders also thanked the two men for initiating such a filial display for others to emulate.
Community leader Nikints Tiptip said the gift was the result of sweat and agony put in by the senior Datts in very trying times.
“As farmers, the Datts had done all they could to ensure their children got all the education they need.
“It is time for them to relax and reap the rewards as responsible parents,” he said.
Mr Tiptip also appealed to the Kinjibi Prandaka community to contribute K2 to K5
each for students wanting to enroll in colleges and universities this year.
“While parents take care of the rest of the fees from Grades 1 to 12, it is proper that the whole community contributed for our children’s tertiary education.
“After all, they are or flag bearers for the community’s future,” he added.