Sorcery blamed for man’s death

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A SORCERY related fight in the Bamuna area in the Nondugl sub-district, Western Highlands province, resulted in seven men receiving bush knife and axe wounds.
According to provincial police commander Supt Ambane Kaiglo, two of the men were seriously injured.
He said a faction of the Pawakane clansmen accused other clansmen of practicing sorcery which resulted in the death of their clansman in Buka two months ago.
Supt Kaiglo said a heated argument erupted last Saturday within the Pawakane clan which later turned into a fight where villagers attempted to slash each other with axes and bush knives.
He said the seven men received wounds to different parts of their bodies.
Nondugl police arrived on time to prevent the fight from escalating.
Supt Kaiglo has appealed to the people not to take the law into their own hands by accusing innocent and helpless people who would not  defend themselves of sorcery.
He said their tribesman died two months ago in  Buka and the cause was not known, yet people were quick to blame sorcery.
Supt Kaiglo said if the relatives of the deceased were not sure about the cause of their tribesman’s death, then they should take his body to the hospital for a post-mortem to establish the cause of death instead of accusing others of sorcery.