Sorcery claim sparks tribal fight

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A MAN is dead after a fight sparked by one clan who accused its neighbour of causing the death of its clansman by using sorcery in Minj, Western Highlands province.
The man was chopped to death with bushknife after a heated argument turned into a fight on Friday between two rival clans of the Nenegakan tribe who live near the Minj station.
Western Highlands police commander Supt Kaiglo Ambane  yesterday appealed for calm, saying that only a post mortem would determine the cause of the death which had been blamed on sorcery.
Supt Ambane said when people talked about sorcery, it always led to fights, deaths of innocent people and destruction of properties.
“These are criminal acts and I urge people not to take law into their own hands.
“There are avenues available to address such problems and people must not resort to criminal activities.”
Supt Ambane said the body of victim is at the Mt Hagen General Hospital morgue.
He said Minj police have the situation under control after talking to both clans’ leaders.
Supt Ambane said the dead man’s relatives had demanded that his killer or killers be handed over to the police immediately. He did not say whether a suspect had been arrested.
He appealed to Western Highlanders not to accuse anyone of sorcery when people died of natural death or sickness.
Supt Ambane said only a post mortem would determine the cause of death.
“It is not good for the people to accuse innocent people in their community of sorcery.”