Sorcery claims slammed

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ENGA Governor Sir Peter Ipatas, pictured, has appealed to people in the province to stop the practice of accusing people of sanguma (sorcery), plus torturing and murdering innocent people.
He was responding to two more incidents of sanguma accusations in Enga last week, including the torture of a young girl near Sirunki.
Sir Peter said more than 20 innocent women had been victims of the accusation-based violence in Enga in the past month.
“I condemn this violence and these false accusations” he said.
“The accusations must stop now. The torturing and murdering must stop now. Enough is enough.
“Accusing someone of sorcery is against the laws of Papua New Guinea. Torturing and murdering someone because you believe they are a sanguma are against the laws.
“Those who point the finger and claim that a person is a sanguma are committing a crime against the State. Those who torture and murder a person they believe to be a sanguma are committing a crime against the State of PNG.”
Sir Peter said the people of Enga were Christians.
“Sanguma belief and the accusations, torturing and murdering of innocent women and girls accused of this false belief goes against Christianity and Christian principles,” he said.
“This belief in sanguma is not part of our law, our faith or our culture. We, the people of Enga, pride ourselves in having the most educated population in the nation. We are smart enough to realise that this is an imported and false belief, which is only hurting our people.”