Sorcery is real, address it


INSTEAD of just condemning sorcery accusation-related violence, let’s identify the root causes and address them.
Church leaders and human rights advocates have been condemning it but they have failed to carry out research and establish facts.
We need to know why people are resorting to violence.
In almost all cases, the alleged sorcerer is the victim and perpetrators are just seen as lawbreakers.
What if that person is truly a sorcerer and have actually caused the death of a person?
This is Papua New Guinea, we should not pretend that sorcery is just an unproven belief.
The devil is real and sorcery is real. Even in the Bible it talks about sorcerers and sorcery.
Who are we kidding?
We come from different societies and each have their own customs and traditions.
Some are good and others are evil.
I am from the Highlands and I used to think sorcery was just a belief until I married someone from the coastal area.
I was warned to avoid certain people but I wasn’t really convinced until I witnessed their power plays.
The people know who are responsible for certain deaths and they can easily tell whether deaths are caused naturally, by sickness or sorcery.
They know the sorcerers responsible but they don’t retaliate with violence as they do in the Highlands. They know how to settle things.
They have been living like that without resorting to violence and that is because sorcery has been part of their culture.
For the Highlands, it’s a new thing, especially places such Enga.
They are living in fear and they do not know how to react because it hasn’t been part of their culture.
They can not clearly distinguish between a real sorcerer and a suspect.
People in the Highlands don’t know how to handle sorcery as they do in the coast.
We shouldn’t protect sorcerers all the time but find solutions to addressing sorcery because it is real.


One thought on “Sorcery is real, address it

  • Yumiyet thanks, if we believe God is real, then sorcery is real, this is their manifestation, our bodies manifest who is inside, the real man is the one inside, outside is just the likeness of who is inside, if we want to do away with sorcery, sickness, poverty, all evils that are manifested, better to turn to the Lord, for we will see His likeness, for His Image is with us…………

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