Sorcery killing


IN November 2015 my sister, Susan Dickson, was burnt in Kagua, Southern Highlands, because she was accused of causing the death of a man through sorcery.
Last month, I was nearly killed by another mob at Kagua Police Station.
The attack related to the death in Port Moresby in June. Drawn with others by unusual noises in the early hours of a Monday morning to the scene where the deceased lay injured, my son rushed him to hospital but it was in vain. The matter is now with the police.
Based on hearsay, relatives in Yanda village concluded my son murdered the man.
It was when I refused to accept their K1 million compensation demand that I got attacked.
I am now appealing to the police commissioner to step in and explain the law to those people.
I also urge their educated relatives to take responsibility and restore common sense.

Morasi Ghay, Kagua

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